Can you show me an example printout?

Yes of course.

Herewith an example of what a typical tax return would look like.

The information is completely fictitious - there is absolutely no relation to a real person. But you will get an idea of what your return could look like.

The scenario presented here is:

  • Of a Credit Clark living in Windhoek
  • She has a spouse and one kid
  • She submitted a return last year
  • She contributed to a fund
  • She earned some interest from a Nampost account (non taxable)
  • She rents the house she stays in
  • She claimed vehicle expenses but these are not tax deductable (so although she entered them she does not get tax benefit)
  • Her employer did not calculate her PAYE correctly it seems (highly unlikely  - but just for demo purposes....)
  • She needs to pay additional tax...

Download the Demo Tax Return here.