A manual

Some of you have asked about how it all works. I know we have the video, but that is a bit basic, doesn't give detailed explanations, so I've created a manual. This is a step by step guide on how NamTax works, how to get started, order and downloa [...]

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?


Easy, just click the unsubscribe link in the first newsletter we send you.


If you don't want to wait, simply send a mail to our helpdesk at support@namtax.com.


We'll only be sending relevant information in our newsletter, perhaps 2-3 pe [...]

Where can I submit the return?

At any of the offices of the receiver of revenue, and according to a radio broadcast yesterday also as follows:

According to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Mr Sam Shivute, tax forms can be handed in at the following post offices :


What do I need to get started?

It helps to be prepared when doing your tax return.

At the very minimum you'll need your PAYE 5 form from your employer as well as your tax registration number (which you find on your tax return which you received from the receiver of revenue)

. [...]

When do I get my PAYE 5 from my employer?

You should get it by the 25th of March every year.

That gives you ample time to complete your Tax Return and hand it in to the receiver of revenue. You then don't have to wait for the last minute...

Your employer is legally obliged to prepare al [...]

Is it a legal requirement to use NamTax.com?

No!As a taxpayer, your only legal requirement is to submit your taxes on time and correctly. Obviously many taxpayers would like to get some help filling out their tax returns. Many taxpayers find it a daunting task to fill out their tax returns and [...]

Do you help with Tax numbers?

We are not a traditional tax practice. We have built the wizard to be so easy that it is the one that helps with the tax numbers. The wizard calculates your tax based on the information you supplied. And if you use the Wizard and something is unclear [...]

Which browsers are supported?

We support those browsers that are most in use, and always the latest two major releases of them.Currently this is Chrome, Firefox, IE (9 and 10) and Safari.We have also not yet optimised NamTax for use on mobile devices. This is something we already [...]

What information can I send?

The wizard asks you everything necessary to fill in the Blue Tax Form for Individual salaried persons/pensioners.This information includes:- Personal details- Spouses details- Childrens details- Vehicle expenses and allowances- Other expenses and all [...]

Where do I get my PAYE 5?

You'll get that from your employer. If you haven't received one then get in touch with your employer. They are obliged to provide you with it.

Can I pay by Debit Card?

Unfortunately no. Our payment gateway currently does not support Debit Cards. Some banks, such as Bank Windhoek, only offer Debit Cards, but unfortunately you cannot use them yet. Instead please choose the EFT option during checkout.

Can I share this with my friends and familiy

Yes indeed you can. You will very likely know someone in your circle that can benefit from using NamTax.com. We'll even give you a discount off your tax return(s) if you help spread the word. Simple go to our " [...]

My Tax Return does not download

Note that it does take a few minutes sometimes for your tax return to be generated and downloaded. You do need to go through checkout, pay for your order and then go to your "My Account" page - then click on the PDF icon to download your tax return.Y [...]

Is my data secure?

Yes it is. We are using SSL on all pages of the site where sensitive information is entered, including the wizard. Check for the https: in your browser when entering data - this is a sign that the data is sent encrypted. We are using the world ren [...]

Can I pay by EFT

Yes you can!Simply choose the EFT option during the checkout. We'll then show you our bank details.Simply pay us online and email the Proof of Payment to support@namtax.com.We'll process your payment as soon as possible during business hours.Once we [...]

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes you can!Simply choose the Payfast option during the checkout. You will be redirected to our Payfast payment page and you can enter your card details there on the secure form.We do not know or store your credit card details - this is all done by P [...]

Can you show me an example printout?

Yes of course.

Herewith an example of what a typical tax return would look like.

The information is completely fictitious - there is absolutely no relation to a real person. But you will get an idea of what your return could look like.

The scen [...]

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