What does it cost?

In Short: N$ 350,- per Tax Return printed.- You can print the same return as many times as you like- if you invite friends to the site we'll give you a substantial discount to say thanks.- there is no monthly subscription- there is no contract- there [...]

Personal Income Tax Brackets

The following brackets are applicable for the 2014 Tax Year. The below is also referred to as the Tax Table.


It's very easy to use: Simply calculate all your taxable income, then select the bracket you fall in. You'll then pay the amount menti [...]

Can I just test this process without paying anything?

Yes you can.Simply start filling in the Tax Return - i.e start answering the Questions. You can go through the whole process and even save your Tax Return (it gets saved automatically every time you answer a question)Then in the end if you want to bu [...]

Penalties for Namibian Individual Taxpayers

Penalties can be severe, especially if you furnish incorrect information. This is perceived by the Receiver of Revenue as deliberate deception to avoid paying taxes and is punished heavily. Even just submitting your return late will cost more after a [...]

What is a Provident Fund

Definition of 'Provident Fund' courtesy of Investopedia.com

A compulsory, government-managed retirement savings scheme used in many countries such as India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico and here in Namibia.

It is similar to the United [...]

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