What do I need to get started?

It helps to be prepared when doing your tax return.

At the very minimum you'll need your PAYE 5 form from your employer as well as your tax registration number (which you find on your tax return which you received from the receiver of revenue)

..then, depending on your circumstances you'll also need:

- your spouses income tax registration number

- a PAYE 5 form for every job you held during the tax year

- a PAYE 5 form for any pension or other fund payouts you received

- expense records for any expenses you want to claim (cash slips, recons etc)

- kilometer readings for the vehicles you use for your job

- details about rental income and expenses if you own a rental property

..etc. What you need will depend pretty much on your personal circumstances. Note that you can always stop the wizard (by simply closing the browser window) can get back to it later should you need to find additional information or records.